3 Strategies to Successfully Grow Using Social Media in 2021

We all know how much time we each spend surfing online, ordering items and having them shipped to our door the very next day. But there’s one major aspect that almost everyone has adopted that consumes a lot of our time and energy, social media. The average person with access to the internet spends a minimum of 2 hours per day and we have all seen the outrageous numbers of how much time the younger generation spends on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and even smaller market platforms. Trust us when we say, it’s a lot of time.. every day.

This has grown even more true over the course of the last 12+ months with the global pandemic resulting in people being stuck at home and using the internet on their desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones even more than usual. Since the most popular social media platforms have benefited from the involuntary idle time of the global population, there’s got to be a way to enhance your social media prowess.

If almost every person could be a potential customer, follower or a consumer of your product/service is using social media, then how come it seems so hard to get their attention and earn their business? So how do you and/or your business capitalize on this incredible network effect of the ever-growing social media popularity?

One thing that has been extremely popular over the last 3-5 years is advertising on these social media platforms. While that’s definitely a great option, depending on your industry, it can also be costly. Technically, running social media ads is one of our mast valued digital marketing services that we provide for our clients. Nevertheless, we’re going to give you 3 ways to successfully grow your business using social media BEFORE you begin running ads on these social platforms.

  1. Have a profile on the top social platforms… And POST CONTENT on each of them.

This may seem elementary, but you would be surprised how many clients we work with that say that they don’t use half of the most popular social media platforms because they don’t believe that they target audience uses those platforms. If you and your city/state was impacted by the pandemic, then you have probably expanded your social media pallet over the last 12 months and created a personal profile on additional social media platforms. Well, pretty much everyone else did that too. The uproar of TikTok has really only achieved all time high usage over the last year when people all over the world had nothing better to do than to create and watch short videos on the platform.

So, why not take advantage of the fact that your target audience may have downloaded new social apps and is now looking for more content to consume? If you’re shy in front of the camera, then create new long form posts across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter (on Twitter you’ll have to adhere to character limits so run your next post into the comments section to keep it going). But the point is, CONTENT IS KING and people are looking to consume new content all over the place. There’s not one single platform that people use like it used to be when MySpace was around.

Suggestion: Use your phone camera, or an inexpensive video camera, and start creating new content for your business. Post it on ALL of the top platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter. Give your audience something to watch and/or read. You’ll be surprised how much traction you can gain from

  1. Reply to Comments

Again, this may sound simple, but not many businesses interact with those that comment on posts. Influencers on the other hand, they interact with their audience (or they pay someone to do it for them). But either way, the profile is still actively interacting with commentors. Just one reply from the content creator to the profile that commented on a post can result in that highly desired “follow”. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

The other reason its important to comment is because there may be questions about your product or service in the comment section. If those go unanswered, you may miss out on a potential customer. Just posting isn’t enough anymore. It doesn’t matter what industry that you’re in. Because of the extreme popularity and influx of average time spent on social platforms right now, you will need to be prepared to spend A LOT of time on these social media platforms as well. You cannot expect to grow your business using social media and only visit your page once per day for 10 minutes. You will need to spend as much time or more than your average potential customer.

  1. Consumer Ratings

You may already know how important reviews are, but reviews on social media platforms are just as important as your Google ratings. If you don’t have Google My Business set up or you don’t have Google Reviews, call us and we can help you with that because every business MUST have that set up properly to survive these days.

Anyway, back to consumer ratings on social platforms.

According to Smart Insights and a reputable market analysis they ran in 2021, “75% of people don’t accept advertisement as truth…” and “63% of social media users feel consumer ratings are #1.” Meaning, two thirds of people don’t believe the hype of an ad, but they trust the consumer reviews. That means that people would rather trust other people’s opinions on your business, rather than what the actual business says about their own business.

This is part of the reason why we mentioned in the beginning of this blog that you will want to start working on these 3 key things for your business BEFORE you run any social ads.

If you have conquered these three aspects, you’ll be able to utilize paid advertising on any of these platforms and absolutely crush it. Why? Because you’ll have profiles with original content posted on all the top platforms. You will have built a community and communicated with that community in the comments section of your posts. That will have resulted in getting more followers on each platform. And lastly, you will have generated some business which resulted in capturing some quality reviews on each platform.

Now, you’re ready to run ads to a qualified audience. Plus, the new audience that you target within your ads will see a respected brand and community on all of the top social platforms. They’ll read the reviews, read the comments and inevitably, you will capture the conversions you’re looking for resulting in ROI.

If this sounds amazing, but maybe a little overwhelming, we’re here to help. If you know you need to start growing your business by capitalizing on the up-trending social platforms, but you have questions, give us a call at Ambrose Media. We look forward to serving you.

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