5 Reasons Why Your Website Rankings Drop After A Website Redesign

5 Reasons Why Your Website Rankings Drop After A Website Redesign – By Website Designing Company in Frisco TX

Upgrading your website is important because an outdated site can seriously harm your business. However, a lot of businesses experience a drop in their search ranking after a redesign, and are unsure why. It’s important that you always hire a company that can provide SEO friendly website design in Frisco TX , but you also need to understand why website rankings drop in the first place.

404 Errors

When you create a new site, some of your old URLs may be changed or deleted. These old pages will be deleted from your website host, but they may still show up on search results, and the user will get a 404 page error because the page no longer exists. This has an impact on the ranking of your entire site, not just the broken page.

Outdated Backlinks

Backlinks are an effective way to boost your search engine ranking, but if the URL of your website changes, a lot of the backlinks to your site will be outdated, and that leads to a drop in rankings. It’s important that you audit all of your incoming links and ask the site owners to redirect them.

Deleting Popular Content

If you have good content on your old site that drives a lot of traffic, but you delete it and don’t reupload it on the new site, you will experience a drop in traffic. It’s important that you migrate any quality content that is driving traffic to your old site.

Changes To Content

Changing content to match the tone of the new site is important, but many people make the mistake of removing or changing important keywords, which causes a dip in the rankings. When altering content, always make sure that you know which keywords have the best ROI.

Technical SEO Issues

There are certain technical SEO issues, like missing title and description tags, broken internal links, crawl errors, and missing content, which can seriously harm your search rankings. Finding a company that offers SEO friendly website design will help you to avoid these problems on your new site.

If you want to avoid a serious drop in search rankings and recover your position quickly, you need a company that understands SEO friendly website design and can help you avoid these issues.

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