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Industry: Gutters and Downspouts
Client: Creative Gutter

The Obstacle

Creative Gutter approached us to build them a beautiful website that was incredibly user-friendly that would also simultaneously drive more traffic. They were looking to generate a heavy flow of leads every single day in a highly competitive industry.

The Solution

Layout and Visual Design

Website Design and Development

Creative Gutter had a very old website prior to requesting a brand-new custom website from us. We took the good aspects of their old site and completely redesigned and developed a new custom WP website with specific CTA’s, new site structure, new GEO pages, a new sitemap, new images, and much more.


We started out by sketching wireframes of each individual page of the website and the different sections. This provided us with a visual for how we could create a sleek UX for the website. With the infrastructure solidified – we were then able to create the most vital element of the website – the UI.


Our expert designers made certain to craft and design a cutting-edge website that was sure to make the brand standout
1 - Brainstorm & Conceptualize

We go through an extensive communicative process initially to ensure that we have an understanding of exactly what you want. We set expectations right away.

2 - Design Outline

We build an interactive mock-up of your new website so that you can get a visual before we begin the development process.

3 - Development

Once you have approved the mockups, we begin developing your new site on our own private server so you can see the site live during the process and approve page-by-page.

4 - Deliver

We run live tests before publishing your website to ensure that all aspects are performing properly (forms, shopping carts, etc.). Then we GO LIVE with your new site!

Organic Growth


Initially, the client did not have any onsite optimization after we ran our website assessment. They had never conducted SEO and therefore, did not have any allocated keywords or backlinks either. Obviously, both are extremely essential to any SEO campaign and successful digital marketing for lead generation. Based on our initial analysis and the client’s goals of needing new leads daily, we created a 6-month local strategy targeting 4 cities surrounding Creative Gutter’s office so that we could target specific audiences that needed their services. We selected high search volume keywords that had relatively low competition and started creating content, such as articles, blogs, onsite content and optimizing the meta. We created new GEO pages for each city that we were targeting. We then created a strong backlink profile, which is a very underrated aspect that gets overlooked in some SEO campaigns. We focus a lot of our attention on our client’s backlink profiles because we increase our client’s domain authorities quickly, which directly correlates to quicker ranking increases, which generates more traffic and inevitably more leads. We generated 3-4 leads per day (90+ leads per month). The client is extremely pleased with their ROI.

SEO Keyword Example

Keyword: Box Gutters Dallas Tx 

Benchmark: #4 Ranking on Google 

Result: #1 on Google Locally in Dallas, Tx 

Timeline Accomplished: 6 Months

Organic Keywords
Total Keywords on Page 1
Total Keywords Improved
Total #1 Keyword Rankings


Creative Gutter wanted to supplement their SEO campaign with a PPC Search campaign. So, our media buying team went to work on market and keyword research to drive quick and exceptional results. In 6 months, we increased their clicks, impressions, total conversions, and conversion rate.

0 K
Click Rate
0 K
Total Conversions
+ 0 %
Conversion %


Creative Gutter wanted to increase their brand awareness and drive more traffic to their website. So, our media buying team put together a display campaign by doing thorough market research to see which websites would be most effective for our display ad. In 6 months, we increased their clicks and impressions.

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