Keith Craft


is a pastor, leader, coach, and thought leader. His expertise specializes in leading and building organizations, people, and marriages


Industry: Business
Client: Keith Craft
Services We Provided:

The Obstacle

Keith’s team came to Kreatively needing a brand-new website with a modern look that would attract new clients, make it user-friendly, while also providing the ability to pay for his services online via his website. Additionally, they wanted an entire back end LMS (Learning Management System) created that would give all of his clients’ access to all material, resources, and much more. Having a store with all his products was super important to his team as well. So, we built and integrated a Shopify store to his website. Lastly, they wanted each one of their clients to have their own backend portal where they could access all of their account information and have the power to make any updates they wished.

The Solution


Our expert designers made certain to craft and design a cutting-edge logo that was sure to make the brand standout
1 - Brainstorm & Conceptualize

We go through an extensive communicative process initially to ensure that we have an understanding of exactly what you want. We set expectations right away.

2 - Design Outline

We build an interactive mock-up of your new website so that you can get a visual before we begin the development process.

3 - Development

Once you have approved the mockups, we begin developing your new site on our own private server so you can see the site live during the process and approve page-by-page.

4 - Deliver

We run live tests before publishing your website to ensure that all aspects are performing properly (forms, shopping carts, etc.). Then we GO LIVE with your new site!

Layout and Visual Design

Website Design and Development

Keith Craft’s team came to us looking for us to design and build a website that would make an incredible first impression to their users and easy to navigate for current and future clients. So, our web design experts set out to build a cutting-edge, modern website that would highlight who Keith Craft is, his expertise, his services, and his products.


We began by sketching the wireframes of each page and the different sections. This allowed us to ensure a smooth UX for the website. With the infrastructure in place – we were then able to determine the most important element of the site – the UI.

Experience Beyond the Experience

Portal and LMS

The next task was for us to build a client portal that would give them the ability to update any information on their account. Such as, updating credit card information, changing their email and or password, searching and downloading invoices, changing or adding services, and contact support, and much more. We also designed and built an LMS (Learning Management System) that would give their clients an incredible experience. We built modules for each service that gives the clients access to special resources, class material, videos, and much more.

Merchandising and Product

Shopify Store

They wanted us to design and build a Shopify store that would connect to the website so users could easily purchase all of Keith Craft’s products all in one place.

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