Email Marketing

engage and connect with potential and current customers directly in their inbox

Is Email Marketing a Thing of the Past?

Did you know that the global email marketing market is projected to increase to $17.9 billion by 2027? Not only is email not a thing of the past, but it’s a huge part of the future. At Kreatively we are your go-to agency for email marketing. Form new relationships with your ideal audience, while continuing to nurture your existing customer base. Take advantage of one of the greatest ROI marketing channels around.

Why It’s More Important Than Ever To Maximize the Inbox

Unlimited Pixel Capability

Email’s offer you the ability to gather important information on your audience at scale to retarget.

Lead Magnets

With a compelling offer, we will make it irresistible for your potential and existing customers to not want to take action.

Drive Conversions

With the direct to inbox capability of email marketing. We will use that access to increase and drive conversions for your product or service.

Our Email marketing Process

  • Research

    We conduct thorough market & competitor analysis to determine how your business will extract the most out of email marketing campaigns.

  • Implementation

    We build and launch the email campaign with specific compelling call-to-actions to drive conversions.

  • Strategize

    We determine exactly what your goals are (leads, sales, ROI) and create a full email marketing strategy driven by heavily researched data to achieve your goals.

  • Optimize, Monitor & Test

    We continually optimize using the most up-to-date data to improve controllable metrics while monitoring open rates, conversions, and sales.

Why Businesses Partner With Kreatively

There are so many digital agencies to choose from, which is why we don’t take it for granted that so many businesses choose to partner with us
Industry Leading Service

Excellent service is something that seems to be in low supply, but high demand. We have separated ourselves as industry leaders through serving our clients with excellence and intentionality.

Commitment to Knowledge

Our focus is to always stay ahead on the digital trends because they are rapidly changing. This allows us to continue to drive optimum results for our clients, because our commitment to knowledge isn’t just a hobby, it’s one of our core values.

Multi-industry Expertise

With experience across a wide variety of industries from tech, medical, construction, beauty, real estate, influencers, financial, etc. - we have learned to adapt and evolve to new industries successfully.

Consistent Communication

We concentrate on availability and consistent communication with our clients, which gives us the ability to truly serve your exact needs rather than guessing.


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