Social Media Management

invest in forming meaningful relationships

Your Community is What Matters

Social Media is one of your first engagements with potential customers, so it’s important to use this as a space to develop and nurture your fan base. Lead by serving your community through providing consistent value. Social Media is your oyster – so make the most of it.



whether you're a startup or an established organization, being seen and known digitally is the present and future.


Having a true community that follows you and is committed to you is what will determine a lot of your digital success.


Brand is your currency. It's vital in today's digital age more more so than ever before to have true digital dominance.

Social Media Management Services

We manage your paid social campaigns across all platforms. From Facebook to TikTok to ensure your brand is seen everywhere it needs to be
Facebook management

With over 1 billion daily active users, Facebook provides you with the ability to reach a wide array of customers and clients. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise – there’s endless potential to build brand, community, and revenue. Our industry leading social media management team will provide you with a data-driven strategy, scroll-stopping content, community management, and analytics management.

Instagram Management

Instagram boasts over 2 billion monthly active users and 50% of those users will visit a website after seeing it in Stories is one of the many reasons to leverage this platform to build brand and drive sales. It’s still one of the most downloaded apps on the market, which means the attention is there. Making sure your brand is where the attention is, is key to igniting and sustaining growth. Seem like a lot? No sweat, leave the work to us! We will create scroll-stopping content that include gallery posts, stories, community management and so much more.

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is a B2B gold mine if you properly leverage their roughly billion users. The platform has reemerged as one of the biggest forces in the social media space since they’ve rebranded themselves as content platform and not just a networking platform. If you have a business today, there is no better place to connect with executives and decision makers to partner with. We increase your brand reputation, thought leadership, and uniqueness to rise above your competition.

TikTok/Snapchat Management

TikTok has burst onto the social media scene with their 1.2 billion users and growing rapidly. Snapchat has over half a billion users and is ranked second worldwide based on overall mobile usage. Our experts will extract the maximum potential from these platforms to establish your brand with the next generation.

Twitter Management

Be a part of some of the most fascinating and important conversations around your industry. This talkative app is beneficial to growing your outreach and demonstrating who you are and what you’re about. Our social experts will help craft and implement a brand-tailored strategy to exploit the most out of this platform.

Pinterest Management

This is a one-of-kind platform due to its unique demographic, user spending potential, and product seeking user base. Pinterest is far more than a digital pinboard, it’s a great place to market your products and service especially for eCommerce brands. It’s become a vital part of the customer’s journey. We will build up your brand by strategically posting and optimizing your pins, as well as manage your community from top to bottom.

Our Social Media Management Process

  • Research

    We conduct thorough market & competitor analysis to determine where your business will gain the most market share within your industry.

  • Implementation

    We build and launch our ads with specific promotions, conversion optimization and our “WHO” as the focus. Our implementation strategies are always based on delivering value to the target market.

  • Strategize

    We determine exactly what your goals are (leads, sales, ROI) and create a full creative marketing strategy based on data that will outline the exact methods we will implement to attain our goals.

  • Optimize, Monitor & Test

    We consistently create new content, A/B test, optimize our ads, test headlines, test copy, test videos/images, ad types, monitoring ad placement and evaluate statistics that will improve our overall campaign (day of week, time of day, demographics).

Why Businesses Partner With Kreatively

There are so many digital agencies to choose from, which is why we don’t take it for granted that so many businesses choose to partner with us
Industry Leading Service

Excellent service is something that seems to be in low supply, but high demand. We have separated ourselves as industry leaders through serving our clients with excellence and intentionality.

Commitment to Knowledge

Our focus is to always stay ahead on the digital trends because they are rapidly changing. This allows us to continue to drive optimum results for our clients, because our commitment to knowledge isn’t just a hobby, it’s one of our core values.

Multi-industry Expertise

With experience across a wide variety of industries from tech, medical, construction, beauty, real estate, influencers, financial, etc. - we have learned to adapt and evolve to new industries successfully.

Consistent Communication

We concentrate on availability and consistent communication with our clients, which gives us the ability to truly serve your exact needs rather than guessing.

Our Digital Marketing Success Stories

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