Top 5 on page SEO factors

On-page SEO is still the most important aspect of your SEO strategy as per the seo experts in Plano Tx . But in 2020, as search algorithms become more complicated, it is important that you optimize for a wide range of different search factors. For example, even though content and links are important, search algorithms take more in-depth factors, like technical structure into account. If you want to get your on-page SEO right in 2020, make sure to optimize for all of these factors.


Content still remains a very important aspect of your on-page SEO, and search algorithms are particularly interested in content relevance with respect to user intent. That means that long form content tends to be favored in many cases. SEO tags are still an essential part of your content strategy, although semantic analysis is increasing in importance as well.

Technical Structure

Technical SEO is the foundation of any good SEO strategy, but a lot of people do not pay enough attention to it. If you do not manage issues, like security, crawlability, and clean URLs, your content will not get much exposure on search engines.

User Engagement

User engagement and user signals have a big impact on search. If you want to improve your rankings, it’s important that you monitor user behavior on your landing page so you can make adjustments to the site and encourage engagement.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile devices have overtaken desktop computers and laptops in terms of traffic, so the algorithms prioritize mobile compatibility. It’s important that you ensure that your site runs smoothly on mobile and you reduce the number of links and different pages in favor of long scrolls.


Interlinking is a very important technical SEO factor, which helps search engines to crawl and index your site in clusters. It’s important that you have an organized interlinking hierarchy based on various topics, so you can make things as easy as possible for crawl bots.

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